Psalm 94

We live in an anxious world.

Evil seems to be winning and wicked people scoff, saying God can’t see or hear what they are doing.

But we know differently.

God sees.
God hears.

Can the one who shaped the ear not hear,
the one who formed the eye not see? (v. 9)

And God judges.

Who stands up for me against the wicked?
Who takes a stand for me against evildoers?
If the Lord had not been my helper,
I would soon rest in the silence of death.
If I say, “My foot is slipping,”
your faithful love will support me, Lord. (v. 16-18)

God is our help in anxious times.

When I am filled with cares,
your comfort brings me joy. (v. 19)

He is our comfort and joy.

Father, thank You that when the cares of the world cause me to be anxious, You are my helper. Your faithful love supports me day after day. Your comfort brings me joy. You see. You hear. You will judge. I will rest in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

psalm 94.jpg

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