Psalm 85


These are the themes of Psalm 85.

God, restore us.
Forgive our sins.

God, return to us.
Abandon your displeasure with us and show Your favor once again.

God, revive us.
Show us your faithful love so that we can rejoice in You.

Will you not revive us again
so that your people may rejoice in you? (v. 6 CSB)

We don’t want to go back to our foolish ways.

What should we do?

Listen and worship.

I will listen to what God will say;
surely the LORD will declare peace
to his people, his faithful ones,
and not let them go back to foolish ways.

His salvation is very near those who fear him,
so that glory may dwell in our land. (v. 8-9 CSB)

God will restore, return, and revive.
I will listen and worship.
And I will give thanks that God’s salvation is near.

Father, restore me. Forgive my sins. Return to me, God of our salvation. Revive me with Your faithful love that never fails. I do not want to go back to my foolish ways. I am listening to You. I worship You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

psalm 85



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