Psalm 69

In pain and distress.
The enemy piling on to torment in times of sinful failure.
Crying out for help.

I can relate to Psalm 69.

I can relate to wanting to be saved from the miry depths of my own sinful choices.

I can relate to wanting to be freed from the enemy who seizes upon my times of weakness to attack with lies and shame.

And I can relate to wanting to be rescued in order to protect the reputation of God and His people.

My sinful actions don’t just affect me.
I bear the name of Jesus. As a Christ-follower, my actions aren’t just a reflection of me. How I act and what I say influences how others view Christians as a whole.

As long as I walk this broken planet, I will sin.

So I need this prayer of confession and protection.

God, you know my foolishness,
and my guilty acts are not hidden from you.
Do not let those who put their hope in you
be disgraced because of me,
Lord God of Armies;
do not let those who seek you
be humiliated because of me,
God of Israel. (v. 5-6 CSB)

My actions are not hidden from God.
I acknowledge my foolishness, my sin, and my guilty acts before Him.

My actions can hurt others.
I ask for God to protect the reputation of His people and the hearts of those who are seeking Him. I don’t want my actions to discourage seekers or disgrace believers. I want to live in such a way that those who are seeking God find Him more easily.

I also need this prayer for rescue.

But as for me, Lord,
my prayer to you is for a time of favor.
In your abundant, faithful love, God,
answer me with your sure salvation.
Rescue me from the miry mud; don’t let me sink.
Let me be rescued from those who hate me
and from the deep water.
Don’t let the floodwaters sweep over me
or the deep swallow me up;
don’t let the Pit close its mouth over me.
Answer me, Lord,
for your faithful love is good.
In keeping with your abundant compassion,
turn to me.
Don’t hide your face from your servant,
for I am in distress.
Answer me quickly!
Come near to me and redeem me;
ransom me because of my enemies. (v. 13-18 CSB)

My rescue is not dependent on my character, but on God’s.
His faithful love and compassion are abundant.
He is the One who comes near to redeem me.
May He turn His face toward me and rescue me when I am in distress, sinking under the weight of shame.

Father, I do not want my actions to disgrace Your people or discourage those who are seeking You. Forgive me for my foolishness and sin. Thank You for redeeming my sins on the cross. In Your great love and compassion, rescue me. Don’t let me sink in shame. Come near to me today. I want to live in such a way that others are drawn to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

psalm 69

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