Psalm 15

David demonstrated his understanding of man’s basic nature in Psalm 14, writing “there is no one who does good, not even one” (v. 3). He recognized man’s need for God’s salvation.

In Psalm 15, he asks this critical question:

LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary?
Who may live on your holy hill? (v. 1)

David addresses his question to God. He isn’t seeking a favorable answer from his friends. He recognizes that only God can reveal the conditions for coming into His presence to find rest, peace, and security.

David reveals the answer to his question. The one who walks blamelessly, or with integrity, can enter God’s presence. The word walk conveys the idea of a person’s way of life. The one who no longer walks his own way, but has turned, or repented, and chooses to walk God’s way – this is the one who can abide with God in His sanctuary.

David then describes some characteristics of the one who walks with integrity.

  • He does what is righteous (v. 2). He is in “right relation to an ethical or legal standard” (ESV Key Word Study Bible). A person with integrity lives according to God’s laws.
  • He speaks the truth from his heart (v. 2). The blameless, those who walk God’s way, know God’s truth. They speak it to themselves until it fills their mind and heart; then they can speak it to others.
  • He has no slander on his tongue (v. 3). He does not make false, damaging statements about others.
  • He does not do wrong to his neighbor (v.3).
  • He honors those who fear the LORD and has contempt for vile people (v. 4).
  • He keeps his promises even when it hurts or is costly (v. 4).
  • He lends money without interest (v. 5).
  • He does not accept bribes against the innocent (v. 5).

David’s conclusion:

He who does these things will never be shaken (v. 5b).

The one who chooses to walk God’s way will find security in His presence.

But we cannot walk God’s way in our own power.
On our own, we are separated from the holy presence of God by our sin. Only when we admit our sin and receive God’s gift of salvation – our sin paid for by Jesus on the cross, Jesus’ righteousness given to us – can we truly follow Him and enter His presence.

Father, I want to walk with integrity. I want to walk your way, not mine. Thank you that I am blameless before you and have access to your presence because Jesus paid for my sins on the cross. Help me to do what is right, to know and speak the truth, to keep my promises, and to treat others with kindness. Thank you that when I walk your way, I will not be shaken. Amen.

psalm 15


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