Psalm 90:14
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.


It means “to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs…of a person…give full contentment to”.

Each of us has a legitimate desire to be satisfied, full and content, our needs met. The question is, who are we looking to for satisfaction, who are we expecting to meet our needs?

Too often we look to other people to satisfy us. Moses, the author of Psalm 90, points us to the only constant source of satisfaction: the unfailing love of our covenant God.  And just like he and the Israelites went out each morning for forty years to gather the manna God provided for the physical needs of the day, Moses reminds us to go to God each morning with the needs of our heart, to be filled and satisfied each day with God’s unfailing love.

Why? If we are satisfied in Him, we will not make unrealistic demands of others.

Think of an extension cord.  The three-pronged end of an extension cord is designed to plug in to a power source, the other end directs that power to another device. Plug an extension cord into an outlet in your home, and you have an uninterrupted source of power.  Plug the same extension cord into a generator, and you only have power until the fuel runs out.

Our hearts are like extension cords.

Looking to people to satisfy our needs is like plugging an extension cord into a tiny generator. The fuel runs out quickly, leaving us drained and discontent, needing to search for another power source.  We go from person to person hoping the feeling of satisfaction will last, but our demands only find eventual disappointment.

But when we look to God to satisfy the needs of our heart, it is like plugging an extension cord into a power source that never runs out of fuel and cannot be interrupted by storms. His unfailing love flows continually to us and through us. And when others try to plug in to us, we are not drained, but are able to give away the love we are receiving.

Plug in to God’s unfailing love every morning.  You will be satisfied.

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